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We offer the latest technology for wide variety of performance products. We cover the full field of motor sport solutions for the track, drifting, rally – not forgetting the motoring enthusiasts. The latest line of products aimed for European and Japanese market street cars.

We carry wide range high quality products of carefully selected premium brands, like HKS, OS Giken, Tomei, Mine's, Alcon, Advan, Ferodo, Rays Engineering, etc.

Whether it’s engine management, suspension, or drive-train systems, there is no substitute for the performance, quality and reliability. Always choose genuine product through our selected and certified dealers.

Race Breed – Advanced Performance Solutions.


Race Breed is proud to offer the highest quality Dog Kits & Gearboxes available – The KAPS Transmissions.

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Racebreed Oy has been the HKS’ gateway to Baltia, Russia and Scandinavia since 2006.